Kelly Concrete Grinding Process

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The Kelly Concrete Grinding Process

We begin with a comprehensive inspection of your property to document any areas in need of repair. Not every defect can be corrected by concrete grinding. That’s where we differ from other concrete grinding firms whose only solution is grinding. 

At Kelly Concrete Grinding we have been concrete contractors since 1979. We know what types of repairs are needed for any concrete defects you may have. In situations where concrete grinding is not the answer, we can provide alternate repair methods up to and including replacement.

We use diamond embedded grinding wheels that produce a clean, smooth finished surface. Plus, our grinding process is virtually dust free. This is important if your walkway requires grinding in a location where people are in the vicinity. No big clouds of concrete dust that can interfere with breathing or make a mess of nearby vegetation or vehicles.

When you consider all the benefits we bring to the table we think you’ll agree that Kelly Concrete Grinding is your best choice for removing concrete trip hazards and helping to keep your property ADA compliant. Give us a call today to arrange your Trip Hazard Survey!?563-388-9529

Kelly Concrete Grinding Process